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From the Desk of Chairman

Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital was established 16 years back as a curative program of Nepal Cancer Relief Society (NCRS). NCRS highly acknowledge the support made by Nepal Government, Rotary International and Local community People of Bhaktapur to run this hospital.

NCRS-BCH has been established as a 62-bedded well equipped national level cancer hospital initiating from a 16 bed cancer care center in 1992. BCH is successfully moving ahead as a result of combined efforts of active management committee, dedicated doctors and nurses, technical and administrative staffs. NCRS highly anticipates for the continuous support from Nepal Government and other organizations. This hospital has become a model of public-private partnership.

NCRS-BCH is highly committed to make available high quality drugs in low cost for poor cancer patients of Nepal and more apparently the free cancer treatment facilities for poorest patients of Nepal.
Lastly, BCH highly welcomes all of your valuable recommendations and suggestions for the future well-being of the hospital. Your valuable comments will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Mr. Lokendar Kumar Shrestha (Ishwor)
Nepal Cancer Relief Society, Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital.

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रासायनिक समीश्रणलाई तयार गरी निर्माण गरिएको औषधिलाई बिरामीको मुख तथा नशामार्फत दिई क्यान्सरको कोषिका नष्ट गर्ने वा रोगबाट उत्पन्न पीडा वा समस्या कम गर्ने उपचार प्रविधिलाई केमोथेरापी भनिन्छ । यसरी केमोथेरापी दिइने विभागलाई मेडिकल अन्कोलाजी विभाग भनिन्छ । भक्तपुर क्यान्सर अस्पतालले यो सेवा स्थापनाकालदेखि नै दिँदै आएको छ । यस विभागमा रहने विज्ञलाई मेडिकल अन्कोलोजिष्ट […]

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हाल उपलब्ध सेवा १) Teletherapy Cobalt 60 उपकरणबाट Cancer भएको ठाउमा विकीरण पठाइन्छ । यसमा गामा भन्ने विकीरणबाट उपचार गरिन्छ । – यो सेवा लिने बिरामीले हप्तामा ५ दिन दिनहुँ सोमबारदेखि शुक्रबारसम्म उपचार गराउनुपर्दछ । – उपचारको अवधि सामान्यतः ४–७ हप्ताको हुन्छ । – एक दिनमा सामान्यतः २–४ मिनेटको उपचार समय हुन्छ । – सामान्यतया […]


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  • Build the Garden by Nepal Founder Above and Beyond Cancer and Team, USA
    Posted by : admin Posted Date : 20 Sep 2015

    On the Short visit of USA Cancer Survivor Team, had build the small garden on hospital in front of the hospital Canteen.   [...]

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  • Dr. Richard Deming, President, Nepal Founder Above and Beyond Cancer and Team, USA
    Posted by : admin Posted Date : 20 Sep 2015

    Team from USA Cancer Survivor have visited the hospital.   [...]

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  • Annex Ward Construction
    Posted by : admin Posted Date : 18 Jan 2015

    To meet the need of increasing number of the patients,  30 bedded steel frame prefibre three storied Annex ward construction is in full swing. Construction Work is going on full phase to complete [...]

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