Expected Donation
Laundry Machine (50 -100kg) – 1 set
Company, Indian
Price – Rs.14, 91800/-
All the kinds of Laundry have been doing manually which takes more time and more human resources. So if the hospital is donated this machine, the Laundry management will be systemized and saves the time. The patients will also get the best of Laundry services.

Scrub Machine (42-50kg) – 1 set
Company – Indian
Price – Rs.300000/-
The work of scrubbing the floor of this hospital has been doing by manually by the helper staffs since its establishment. Donation of this machine will help Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital in keeping cleanliness and reduce infection.

Needle Destroyer – 10et
Company – Indian
Price – Rs.10000 (per set)
Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital has not being  no needle destroyer till now. If the hospital is donated this equipment, the waste management will be managed properly & the environment pollution would also be minimized.
Hospital Bed
Company- Indian
Price : Rs.35000/- (per set)
The post operative patients need intensive care Bed. With the availability of this bed, the patients will get quality of care.

Cauttery Machine
Company – Indian
Price – Rs.621000/-
A number of patients are increasing in the hospital. So feeling the necessity of 2nd OT, the hospital is planning to operate the second OT soon. Upon operation of the second OT more patients will be benefited. For this the above equipment is crucial.
Automatic Tissue Processor (Lab Equipment)
Price range – US$10,000- US$15,000
The equipment is highly important and required to the hospital to provide lab services to the patients. But due to financial burden the hospital is not able to afford for these range of equipments. So, contribution of these equipments will help the hospital to upgrade its services especially in the cancer hospital like ours where the hospital without lab is paralyzed.
Oxygen Concentrator – 10 unit
Company – USA
Price – Rs.100000/- (per unit)
The hospital is providing oxygen through cylinder due to lack of centralized oxygen supply. If the hospital is donated oxygen concentrator, there will not be any problem related to the delay of oxygen supply or unavailability of oxygen cylinder.

Oxygen Central Supply System
Price- NRs700,000 approx.
Similarly Hospital being a critical care center for the cancer treatment, flow of oxygen in each and every bed is a must for the patients especially in the palliative ward, surgical ward and Post operative ward. Central supply system is optimal source of uninterruptable source of supply.

Portable X-ray Machine
Price – NRs.1,00,000/- - NRs3,00,000
The main function of portable x-rays is to look at bones and the areas surrounding them. X-rays are able to pass through the body easily. As radiation passes through the body, different parts absorb different amount of the radiation. Fat, muscle and other soft tissue allow the x-rays to pass through with very little absorption, while dense bones absorb the radiation. Images are recorded when the x-rays hit the metal plate on the other side of the body. Places where radiation was absorbed appear white, while untouched areas appear gray and black. This image allows a physician or technologist to see any abnormalities in the bone or surrounding tissue. This can be especially useful in establishing if a bone is broken, deciding if a break is healing properly, discovering fluid build-up around joints and locating foreign objects in the body.
In the context of our hospital we will be using this portable X-ray for the monitoring purpose of Brachytherapy, where the applicator are placed and Physicians will be able to see whether the applicator is in the exact place and person getting internal radiation gets it at the right place of the body.  
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